Intro and Questions


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Hi all,
I hope you are safe and well.
I had a couple websites back in '03
but things have changed since then.

For one, software wants to rent instead
of sell their software, and ownership is
on a whole new level.

I am looking for an offline website building software that I buy outright instead of rent, and one in which I actually own (and have full control of) my creations (code, etc) but it still has to be an easy drag and drop builder or something a blue collar slave can use.

The website I create will need to have a *Gallery/Store, with the ability to sell one time (originals) or multiple sales of same product (prints)
*Accept online payments & crypto.
*Have a video page with 50 videos
*Have a forum/discussion board.
*Be movable to different Hosts.

Any ideas?


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Most WYSIWYG editors out there for web are either CMS builders (like WordPress) or like SquareSpace. WordPress is free and has plugins available for various functionality. The "rent" (subscription-based) you're talking about would apply to newer versions of stuff like DreamWeaver - you could find an older version potentially for purchase. Otherwise, you may have to forgo the WYSIWYG route and code the site by hand.

Here's some open source alternatives to DreamWeaver: