Internet troubles (Wireless) and (Wired)


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OK lets go back to the very beginning... It all started when i downloaded and installed bitdefender... after the trial was over i notice that i couldn't connect to the internet despite the full bars and the message *network name* *Internet access*.... the only thing that had some kind of connection was minecraft server ping (hard to believe yet makes me frustrated). The only way for me to get my internet working was to reinstall bitdefender and let the account login connect to its website where it had all the account options. Sady after this everything was back to normal ( had to do this once a weeK)... now ... 8 months later it returns, but this time i when i re-install bitdenfender.... it skips the account login page thus not making the computer connect to the internet properly. The minecraft thing was still here.

I have tried Hitman, Malwarebytes, Avast and many others but it didnt find a problem. Actually my computer just quite clean besides from reg errors and junkfiles,

Someone please help at this point i might as well format my harddrive and startover again... and if it turns out that it was my pci wireless card then i would have lost alot of work or if it still exist... there was be some problems.

So the only way for me to connect to the internet is only with an Ethernet cable..

Other info:
The background network icon goes from connected to the bar with a caution sign

The only i can confirm i am connected with from the google drive icon or simply opening up chrome


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Sounds like it's modified the firewall along with network settings. Uninstall it and then run combofix. I had some software that modified the firewall setting along with just enough network settings to make my uverse not let me use it. I uninstalled it and ran combofix. Works like it should now.
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