Internet Speeds?


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Hello all,

Not very knowledged about computers, but I currently have WOW high-speed cable internet...and it is awesome. If I click on my network connections, and view Status, it says: Speed: 36.0 Mbps (and generally ranges from 24-54).

Anyways, my dad was looking at AT&T U-verse, because it is much cheaper. D'oh! I love WOW. Anyhoo, here's the U-verse pricing:

Downstream speed:
up to 1.5 Mbsp---starting at $25
up to 3.0 Mbsp---starting at $30
up to 6.0 Mbsp---starting at $35
up to 10.0 Mbsp--starting at $55
up to 18.0 Mbsp--starting at $65

Here's a U-verse page:

I don't know much about speeds or what "downstream" speed means. Is my WOW faster, since I'm always getting faster than that 18 Mbsp? (I just checked again, and I'm getting 54.0 Mbsp).

Anybody know if U-verse is cable, or DSL, or something else?



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downstream is the maximum download speed you will get.

not sure about U-verse but wikipedia says is a optical fibre connection.


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We use U-verse at our office to do off-site backups for clients. It's an amazingly reliable and consistent service if it's offered in your area. 10 down is amazing. We transfer terabytes of data weekly, and we can still watch TV and use our VOIP service, all on the same connection.

The 36 you're getting isn't transfer online, thats your local transfer speed (max of 100 probably, so you're actually moving pretty slow). To test your down/up speed of your internet connection go to Speak Easy. Click on the server closest to where you are and it will tell you what your internet connection speed actually is. If you're using WOW are you in the north eastern US?(just a side question).

U-verse is Fiber to your box (outside your house), then copper into your house. It is very very fast. And a lot cheaper than a T1 or even a business class cable line.

*EDIT: FYI I get a consistent:
Download Speed: 9603 kbps (1200.4 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 1479 kbps (184.9 KB/sec transfer rate)
Which is equivalent to a 10mbps down, 1.5mbps up connection