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ok with the new(to me) HDD i got. i switched them out. well i was amazed it worked without problems.

the problem(aka the first of many)is:

i dont no much about internet setup. i have always just thought it worked. nope!

i have DSL and the new HDD does not even use it. when i try to go on the internet it goes to a uslink dail up page......this HDD is my friends and he has DSL to so i need to get setup for DSL.

i dont no what esle to say, just that i want to get rid of dail up???? make it so i just click and i am on the internet. clueless.

ask questions,ask questions, help me,... i really dont no what to say i am that clueless.

thanks in advance



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What operating system do you use?

Usually, you can go into Connection Wizard and set up your own internet connection. That will probably take you into a menu that will allow you to enter your DSL login and password info, as well as other needed information.


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I think you should make sure the connection between the modem/router to your computer is there and consistent and then you should try to do it through ^^
( going into control panel )


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Make sure that you have a LAN connection, in your network connections. In order to get to your network connections, click on the start menu > run, then type, ncpa.cpl. This will open up your network connections. From you will be able to see if you have a LAN connection. If you do then you will want enable it. To do that you can either double click on it, or right click, and choose enable or connect.

If you don't have a LAN connection you will have to open the internet setup wizard, like GhostGT was talking about. In order to get to that click on the start menu > run, then type inetwiz. This should open the internet connection wizard. From there click on connect using my local area network. Then click next. The next screen will either ask you about a proxy server, if it does and you don't normally, you can skip this step. Then on the next screen, you will be asked if you want to set up an internet mail account. You can click 'yes' if you want to or click 'no'. If you click 'yes' you will be asked for a display name, and your pop3 and SMTP server names, and the such. If you choose 'no' then you will be be brought to the complete configuration page. Just click on 'finish', and you will be all set.

Then just go back to your network connections screen, and you should have a LAN connection, then you can click to enable, or connect to it, and everything going as it should, you will be able to get online.