Internet Running Very Slow After Watching Multiple Youtube Videos.HELP NEEDED!


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well there are probably a few possible explanations.
Does the isp have some kind of download limits on their connections? Like you can download 20gb of stuff/month? Because if there is one then it's possible that you crossed that limit after which they usually slow down the connection.

The videos being stored in your temp files shouldn't slow down internet at all, it could slow down the general speed of the computer. But since it stores them on the hdd and not the ram, it shouldn't make a difference unless the hdd is full/close to being full. You could always check the amount of space left on the c: drive, and maybe defrag it. Though as I already said these won't really affect internet speed, just the general speed (like how fast windows works etc, you get the idea)

Can't think of anything else right now.


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ummm maybe u wwatched way too many and u need to use disk cleanup to clean ur temporary internet files... or maybe u need to defragment...


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What does this have to do with Operating Systems? This should of been posted under General Computer Hardware And Software.