Internet Question


Daemon Poster

I have a Dlink 502T Adsl2 modem and a Dlink DIR300 wirless router. I got the DIR300 recently so my mum could access the internet on the laptop. Anyways after installing the wireless router my internet has gone from 500KB/s to around 70KB/s, both on my PC and laptop.

I think its obvious that the DIR 300 is the problem. If I remove the wireless router and just use the 502T my speed goes back up to 500KB/s. But why? How do I fix this?

Some info to help you guys:

I have the latest firmware on both 502T and DIR 300. I am using WPA2 security on the DIR 300. I am using the site Oz Speed Test to test my internet speed. The 502T is set to bridge mode while the DIR 300 (wireless router) is set to PPOE.

Anyways If you need anymore info please feel free to ask. Basically I am stumped and am in your hands, Dlink support have been no help whatsoever.