Internet keeps crashing my PC !!


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Hi there. not sure if this is the place to ask for help..but if you can offer advise it would be apprecaited..
Anyway. i bought a pre-owned pc that after a few teething problems with the heatsink & cooling, now seems to be ok ..i.e I can run BF2 online no problem at all..However when surfing the net it randomly frezzes for a second, goes to a black screen & reboots to start up !!!...this happens quite regularly..however one programme seems to result in this error EVERY time i use it, & that is google earth, you can almost set your watch by it, put a town or city name in, try & zoom in..Crash !!!....Simply dont know what to do on this one...
P4 processor
250 gb HD
1.5 gig of Ram
Radeon x1800xl

So as you can see not a bad system...Any ideas ??
Many Thanks in Advance


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Run an antivirus and spyware program to see i you have any nasties as it sounds to me it could be a virus. check your firewall is upto date