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greetings to all to this forum
tis pretty cool topics!!!

speakin of topics, i have a question:

i want to save all my history files from one computer onto a disk so i can bring it to another with convienence but so far i can't find a way to do that...

is it possible to save internet history files?
if so, what is the procedure and must you download a program?

thanks for anyone who has an answer, it's not neccecarly urgent, i just don't want to cut and paste every single webpage in the history file
it would save me a great deal of time to just collect them all into like a list and save them to a file

and once again thank you ^_^


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Are you running XP?

If so there is a program for doing just that. I haven't used it yet...I plan on using it as my backup program. There are some good articles about using Windows Transfer Wizard and also using it a practical backup tool.

Play around with that program and see if that helps.

Has anyone else used the Transfer Wizard in Windows XP?
Yeah; WIndows transfer Wizard is pretty cool; does many useful things. Good to know about it; cause one day something silly could happen.