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hey all, i've been having a serious problem with my internet. i just reformatted and i cant use my schools T3 connection. when i do ipconfig in command, i get media is disconnected. people have told me that this is because the cable is not plugged in all the way. i dont think this is the case because the light on the on board is on and it is snuggly plugged into the wall. the cat 5e cable is good because i plugged it inot my laptop and it works fine, and thus the port is good to. is it possible that the onboard lan is not work regardless of the fact that the light is on? i'm fresh out of idea esp. sice i just reformatted, please help. thanx
is it set to automatically obtain an ip or did you specify the ip that you wanted. It should be set to automatically obtain an ip.
I would look at a driver issue here,, just because you reformatted does not necessarily mean that the nic is working correctly,,

find out what your onboard nic is,, go to the manufacture site and look for current drivers that coincide with the nic,, or,, if you bought a system from IBM, Dell, etc,, look on their site for the driver matrix for your machine,,

you could try to ping the nic , go to dos prompt and type :

ping,, this is a loop back and should give you an idea of whether the card is functioning,,

check the pins where the ethernet plugs in,, any bent? straighten them,,

If you have another NIC,, disable the onboard and install a different one, if that works, then you can say something is wrong with the NIC,,

After you find out the issue,, (I am sure you will),, what is the warranty on the MOBO, machine,, ??
see if you are covered,, get it fixed,,, if not,, a New Nic is about 20 bucks,,

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