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I do massive torrenting on my pc 24/7. My brother says that he is experiencing lag when he is playing on his xbox.
However, shows that my internet is about 22up and 5down. I also limit my bandwidth to 5mbps during that time.

I keep saying that it won't affect him, but he insists that I get off the internet.
Is it really lagging, or is he just being a bich?

Setup: Internet-->Router-->multiple devices

maybe there is a problem with the router, if any...

(BTW: Is the internet speed the width of the road or the speed of the cars?)
Width of the road.

You are more than likely taking up bandwidth when you are torrenting which will definately cause lag when gaming. Yes you have a larg download speed but trying doing a when you are torrenting from another computer on the network. I bet the 'normal' bandwidth is probably cut in half.
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