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Freddy Morgan

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I have a request from a user to have multiple lan connections for a laptop.
The user has one connection from home that requires a proxy server and a local network connection at the office that runs an autoproxy script.
Has anyone completed this task and if so how?

Thank you for the help in advance.
not exactly sure that I understand what you're asking. are you looking for a laptop with multiple pcmia nics on various subnets?
Actually the user has a laptop that connects to the Internet from work using an autoproxy script and connects from home via a cable modem connection that requires proxy settings.

What the user is wanting to know is if there is way to setup multiple network connections through IE as you would for dialup.

One with the autoproxy script and one with the proxy settings.
Freddy, Good question!

I found that if the user is using Windows XP, they will be able to create a new General User account. Windows will automatically save IE settings for each different account. I know it's probably a pain but it works eaisily.

So, all you have to do is create another account they they will use at home at set up the Proxy server in IE. Then on the account they will use at work, set up IE to run the autoproxy script. This should work just fine... just probably kind of annoying :(.

Have fun! :)
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