Internet Explorer upgrade (questions)


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I'm wanting to upgrade a version up from IE7 (the system doesn't meet the requiresments to get the newest one) but I don't want to loose settings and saved block sites. I'll explain:

I have personal settings made in the Advanced tab and custome level settings under the Security tab in Tools.

Again under Tools, in Security and Privacy I have sites allowed and sites blocked. I have quite a list of spam and advertising sites build up, well into the hundreds.

Will I lose all this information when I upgrade? If "Yes", what can I do to copy the sites? I can scribble down the settings and re-check/un-check as needed, but I don't know where the files are on the computer for the blocked sites and if it's even able to be copied.

Does anybody know?


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You should be a ble to get IE8 if you have IE7. It's only IE9 and up that is restricted to vista and up only.
But please, use another browser entirely.
I recommend Chrome or Firefox.

Internet explorer stores blocked site adresses in the registry.
So i am not sure if they can be imported easily into Chrome and firefox.
I know that Firefox asks if you want to import settings from Explorer, but not sure if that includes blocked websites.
It does say import "internet options" "history" "cookies" and "favorites". So try blocking a secure website before importing to Firefox and then see if you can access it.


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I agree that getting an alternative browser would be preferable. IE8 is horrendously out of date now, and third party companies offer browsers which can be used on older operating systems which should be more functional and secure.

Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox spring to mind. (as Biker has already helpfully suggested)