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I have been having a problem with my internet explorer alot lately. Almost everytime I open it or go to open a new window it gives me this message.......Kernel32.DLL Explorer will now close. If you continue to have this problem try restarting your computer.
I have restarted my computer a dozen times and it still does it. I have Windows ME. I tried calling my gateway tech support, but they just wanted me to run msconfig and to defragment my computer, both of which have been done. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening so much. Any ideas at all would be appreciated.
heh. yeah. I'd format the computer and get off of windows ME. switch to win2k or winXP for a more stable OS.
You didn't mention what version of IE you are using.

If you are under 6, then I would recommend upgrading to IE6. If not, then just get netscape and screw MS *L*

If you click on the details on the error tab it should tell you what files it is having problems with (usually a DLL file)..... if you can get that, then replace the file, then you might also be back in business that way as well.
... and agreed with Seloce, Win2k/XP is much better than running any of the 9X products (including ME) this is hazy so forgive me abit,, the memory aint what it was,,

having this issue once before,, led me down a path on an MBR fix,, was an update from microsoft, and you had to delete all *.pwl files, run the fix and then reboot,,

you are prompted for passwords again, but I think it fixed the issue,,

funny thing about it that i remember is the connection to internet explorer 5.5...

Hope this helps a bit,, if I think of more or find my documentation, i will post more info,,,

Seloce...... How expensive and difficult is it to upgrade to Win2K or WinXP?

Cyberbob.......I think I have IE6. Is there a way to find out? I went into the properties of IE, but it didn't say. I don't know if the error message has a details tab, the next time it pops up I'll be sure to check.

Crash Abbott....What exactly is an MBR fix, and where do I get the microsoft update? So should I just search for all .pwl files and delete them? What are they?

Thanx everyone for the help. I'm still not sure what I should do though.
Thanx Microbell for the tip. I did check and I do have IE6. I did a search on for IE6 before I realized I had that version. I seen that 46% like and 54% dislike it. When I read the user comments they listed the same problems I've been having and recommended another internet browser. They suggested Netscape (which I don't like) and Mozilla (I've never heard of it). How would I do a clean install of WinME? What exactly is the Kernel32.dll file, and what should I do to it??

I'm still not sure what to do to fix my computer. I've started writing down the error messages that pop up. So far I've gotten 3. They all say "Explorer has a found a problem in (MSGS.DLL, Oleaut32.DLL, or Kernel32.DLL). Explorer will now close. If you continue to have this problem try restarting your computer." There is no details tab, just a close tab. When you click the close tab it closes all windows that are open and you have to reboot. I'm still confused about how to fix this, any more ideas would be nice. Thanx again. :)
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