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My OS is Windows XP.
My question relates to browsing.

Until this morning, when I right clicked and selected 'open in new window' the selected file opened in a smaller window. I like this because it enables me to open multiple windows from the same page and see what is happening.

However when I commenced my first session this morning, when I now right click and select 'open in new window', the new window is the same size as the 'page' I am viewing and consequently hides the page. I have to minimise the new window to see the original page.

I did not deliberately make any changes to cause this to happen it appears to have occurred since my previous session.

Can anybody tell me how to reset Internet Explorer so that the new window is small size.

Many thanks
After opening a new window, size it as you see fit. Then close it. The next time you open a new window, it should be the size of the one you just sized and closed.

However, some windows are set to open to a large size and I don't know how you can stop those.


The way I did it was this:

Open Internet Explorer. In the first window that appears I resized it to how I want other windows to open. I then clicked on Maximise and now all new windows open at the initially selected smaller size.
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