internet explorer 7 beta 1

does any one have the installer for this? I have installed beta 2 and 3 but they dont work so I figure that maybe i should go to the first one but i Cnt find the installer for it


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Dude your not missing much on IE 7. all that is new is just tabbed browsing and RSS reader. I believe firefox and opera have these features already and IE 7 uses alot of resources that probably are required for better things. The best thing about IE 7 is that, i dont know if you use google toolbar but there is a crappy firefox version out already. I use the corporate toolbar and it is fine.


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Common Misconception, Firefox uses more resources than IE7. Opera uses the least, but hardly any to make a valid reason to switch, I prefer the IE7 interface to it anyways.

I liked firefox, but IE7 works faster, and looks better than all the skins third party people come out with.

Also, I can't think of a reason why Beta 1 would work and not Beta 2. Beta 2 and Beta 3 are more stable.