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Hope someone can help me!

I have laptop which is networked to my desktop which is connected to the internet (whew!!). I am trying to use internet connection sharing so that I can browse with either computer (also so my laptop can run folding@home and get wu's, etc). Here is the problem. I run Zonealarm on the desktop and for some reason, it will not allow the laptop to access the internet. I have my ethernet connections set to the trusted zone. Everything works when Zonealarm is shut down, but is blocked when ZA is running. :(

Any ideas?:confused:

look to the thread,"zonealarm"...

I am sure that you will find that you are not alone with the problem,, ZA is a software firewall that requires LOTS and LOTS of tweaking,,

its first rule is to DENY ALL,, then you have to be very FINE GRAINED in giving permissions back,,

After hours (and I mean HOURS,,) of tweaking, I finally ditched it, and let the router do the trick,,

thats the best I have to offer,,

good luck
Make sure that all common ports, especially port 80 are open.

I also believe that ICS has a certain port that must be open, but I cant remember.
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