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I have two PC's networked with TCP/IP protocol both runing windows XP. I have a USB adsl modem on PC1 and want to use internet connection sharing for PC2.

I enabled windows ICS so PC1 has static ip of and PC is set as to obtain the IP automaticaly. Everything worked well for a couple of weeks but lately I can't see PC2 from the network. On invastigating I went to event log and found warning messages that the network card (event ID 1007) has obtained an IP address of 196..... because the DHCP server could not give it or something like that and I can't get the network up and running or the ICS to work. It is driving me crazy. I am running out of ideas here.

On PC1 the service DHCP it shows as started so what is the problem? Is it PC1 or PC2? Please help before I throw them both out of the window
Make sure on the DHCP server that the scope is correct, but with two PC's the easiest way would be to just give it a static IP address, there isnt much point in using DHCP with so few PC's.
I would agree with you but unfortunately Microsoft internet connection sharing requires you give a static IP to the pc with the direct connection and an automatic one to the other pc's connected to your network
Under the Advanced tab of your connections, make sure that Internet Connection Firewall is disabled. You cannot use ICF with ICS if you also want to use a filesharing network.
As I experienced, I did use static IP address, but after some days there was problem with access a shared Printer in LAN. So it dissabled firewall and it is working till now.

You may want to use your browser to see what is going on in your adsl modem. Type into the Address bar: (I am concerned that you have made PC1 static IP instead of DHCP. There may be a DHCP server in the modem . Is the DHCP scope range from to, subnet mask Or should you turn it off and get DHCP from the network? Are you running PPPoE, PPPoA, or what? Who is your DSL provider and what brand and model modem are you using.

Look at MS KB article Q308006 at As you can see there are a lot of things that can screw you up.
You may have to try different things. If so, make notes for follow up.

I recommend this site:

Look at their XP ICS directions. "It is simple to setup ICS." They all say. That is true (as long as it works). If it does not work, it can be frustrating.
Strart over

You can always go into Network Connections and delete anything that says "Network Bridge on both PCs." Make sure you only have just the three network connections: 2 network cards on one PC (the one sharing the internet) and one network card on the other.

Then use the wizard for network connections to share the internet using ICS on the PC with two cards. when setting it up remember that you are sharing the network card (connection) that is actively connected to the internet, not the one connected to a hub for the other PC.

Or you can do what I did, Buy a Linksys Router for about 100 bucks. It does all of this stuff in the router itself and does not require the software setup or dual NIC cards in any one PC.
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