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Ok, my bro drove me over to a friends house for a mini lan party today (6/14), and the road he lives on was a country road, so it was pretty bumpy. On our way there, I hear this kinda clang in the back of the car, but didn't think much of it. When we got there, we unpacked, and as I was about to prop my comp up, I look inside the window of my case and sure enough: my Zalman 7700CU hsf had come loose and nearly came crashing down on my 6600GT...but it was hanging from a screw. Panicing, I asked for a phillips head, and unscrewed the case panel, frantically searching for the other screw and the brace. I found them eventually after a 10 minute search through my case. I screw it back in and prop my case up. As I'm about to set it down, it comes loose AGAIN. Ticked, I lay it back down, and spend another 15 minutes, trying to set it in right, and finally get it in and screw it in. Praying it wouldn't fry, I push the power button, and yay! It worked, and better yet, it was running 20 degrees cooler!!! 32C idle! But I know why...his house is kept at like 70 degrees or something like that, where as ours is always at at least's insane, but my mom is never warm, and that annoys me, considering everyone else is sizzling up in this building.

Basically, if you get a Zalman7700CU, be advised that the screws they give you to use to secure it to the mobo are NOT long enough to go through all the way AND they are too small for the holes on the mobo, so you can just slide them in and out without screwing.:angry: :mad: :(
You put your computer in the back of a car? I used to put it in my trunk, but I think thats part of my my hard drive died.

I know drive with the case between my legs... even when I'm the one driving.

And I'll keep that in mind. Good experience.
Well remember the Zalman is a pretty heavy heatsink, and your computer shouldn't have been upright in the back.
Where was yer duct-tape, dude? I mean, come on! :) :p

As for transporting PCs, I put mine on the back seat, strap the seatbelt around it, and cover it with a blanket.

If there's no one in the passenger seat, I move that seat forward a little bit, and slide the CPU down in the space behind the passenger seat and the edge of the back seat, snuggly holding it and keeping it in place. I usually put a blanket or two under it to keep it from the vibrations of the floorboard, and a blanket over it to keep direct sunlight off of it.

If I'm on a really long trip with my CPU (rare) I have this long vacuum hose to a shop vac I don't have anymore. I remove the grill-unit from one of the center console AC vents, stick one end of the hose in the vent and stick the other end into an empty drive slot on the front of the case, providing direct cooling to keep it from being hot for long.
Agreed with Shoobie. Exactly what I do.. Blanket.. and fit in between the slot behind the passenger seat.. Don't do the vacuum thing tho as I just turn on my AC and hope and its sufficient :p
When I had to carry my iMac with me on a yearbook trip, I just shlupped it into the back of the suburban and drove it 8 hours to Dallas... It was fine i guess cause it still works... :confused: but that is a bit scary knowing your GT was in that kind of peril :eek:
Jeez, scary about your comp man, i'd be freaked! I don't usually bring my desktop to lan parties, though, pretty much for that reason. I bring my laptop instead, as it is much easier to transport.
I got this P4 1.8Ghz Dell computer sitting next to my bed which a friend of mine dumpster dived for and gave it to me. It's been sitting upright next to my bed for quite some time, and one night i was going to bed...just layed down on my bed and i heard this big "crash" sound. I jumped up...and then i realized what it was. The CPU heatsink had fallen off the CPU hit a LAN card and then hit a TNT2 video damage, and all is well, but I'm not going to trust that heatsink again.

Anyway, I'm going to fix the computer up a little and give it to my grandparents as the one that I gave them last years is only a 400mhz amd k6
I just throw my PC on the floor in the back

And I take my laptop biking, over big crap, even actual mountain biking
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