Interesting problems with Windows..


After having a stable pc for along time, something finally went wrong. I haven't downloaded anything but the Requiem: Bloodymare client from and gmod10 from steam, so i know i didnt get a virus. But, it doesnt make any sense then. I occasionally have the following problems:

When i go to youtube, i cant click anything on the webpage, and i exit it only to use IE7 instead.

Sometimes, the bar at the bottom of the screen (cant think of name) locks up anything down there and clicking doesnt register on anything down there (programs, etc,.)

It cant be a virus because i scan with Spybot S&D every weekend along with Defraggler, AVG 8.0, and CCleaner. I take alot of steps to keep my pc performing at top notch, yet i cannot figure out what this would be. The only other thing i have done in the past few weeks was download the new forceawre from the original nvidia website. I installed vista on another HDD, but these problems existed before any of that.

Any ideas?

Bump, because this is still pissing me off..