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Don't know really were to ask but am intersted in starting a forum of my own. I like this design and my guild in EQ uses this type of forum. Was wondering how do i go about starting one?

Thanks in advace for any help or direction
Another Eqer eh? I was addicted to that game for awhile and Im prolly gonna be getting back into it soon. What server do you play on.

As for theh forum advice, im sure chopper will be able to offer something, he should be on shortly.
How long ago was that? Not all of us mods sit on here all day. (cept me) lol.

They'll get back to ya.
wow, lol, well, im sure he will see this.
Hi first you need a web host I wouldnt reccomend going with a free host cause they suck! You also need a forum software I highly reccomend vBulletin but that it is expensive. there are plenty of free software just do a search for "free forum software" on a search engine.

To make your forum worth while its also good to have a domain name.

And last but least you need time and patients.

Let us know if you need more info on the above.

Thanks I probly will be coming back here. Not to knowledgeble with comps and stuff.

Any hosts you guys recomend?... Unfortunatly they gona have to be free because I don't have money to put into it :(
Hi Malaiit,

Sorry for the delay in answering, but I don't think the notification was working.

If you need a free host, then you'll probably need a free forum. IMO, you won't get the features like you will here with the free ones.

DAve :D
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