Intel preps "cheaper" hexa-core i7

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Intel readies up cheaper Core i7 six-core processor :: TweakTown

"As we know, AMD's new hexa-core processors in the form of the Phenom II X6 series are set to make their debut early next week and will give users the ability to get six-core grunt out of their desktop systems without the massive cost that comes with doing it Intel style in its only hexa-core powered Core i7-980X processor.

However, Intel will make the gap a little smaller with a cheaper six-core i7 processor soon after, though still not as cheap as some would have hoped.

This processor will be dubbed the Core i7-970 and from what we're hearing a the minute it will still cost a hefty $900+ for ownership, only slightly less than their flagship model. The processor runs at 3.2GHz with 12MB of L3 cache and of course sports Hyperthreading for 12 logical cores."
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