Intel mobo


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what's a good mobo for a future upgrade to a high end ivy bridge cpu?
i read that the highest end ivy bridge cpus will be 1155 socket, if that's correct ?

the mobo will need a couple usb 3.0s and of course sata3.
pci x16 3.0 would be nice but not required.
x16/x16/x8 would be nice too, as i could add a physx card later ? hacked in ofcourse.

ability to crossfire my 5870s both at 16x is required.

Overclocking very much in mind.

budget about 300$ max

good, fast ddr3 for overclocking as well.
Perhaps my expectations are to high?

iv never built a Intel build so this will be interesting come spring lol.

Ill only need a CPU, mobo, and RAM, Im giving myself a 600$ budget for everything