Intel heatsink fan problem

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I finished building my system yesterday, it is a P4 2.8Ghz 800FSB, everything went fine, except the Intel heatsink fan that came with the chip, it seems to run a very low 1300rpm instead of 2500rpm,even at idle it runs at 1800rpm i thought it will pick up speed when running programs, but when i try to run a app, the fan would totaly stop for 10 seconds and run again at 1200rpm for 2 minutes and repeat unless idle, i re-instlled the heatsink fan 3 times and still get the same result, i have install many systems before, but this is the first time with the problem, is the fan busted ??? i have 7 fans in my system, but only the CPU fan has problem

anyone else have the same problem ???
I don't know if the store that i bought it from would give me a replacement, b/c the heatsink fan came with the chip, this is annoying especially the cpu temp monitoring alarm would pop up saying the fan is at 0 rpm during game play, and the temperature went up as high as 60 degree, i don't know if the fan is cauing the high temperture or other problems

should i exchange the fan (maybe with intel) or should i buy a better one ??

anybody else have problem with their intel fan ??
here is my system

P4 2.8Ghz w/800FSB
MSI 865PE Neo2 LS
pc3200 512ram 400FSB x 1
MSI GF Ti4200 128ram
Thermaltake xaser III 1000A case
SH 465w PSU

well i try adjusting the cpu fan manually via the motherboard's monitor software, it works fine when manually set to high speed, which was about 2300 rpm, but the problem is when set it to the auto mode, when idle it is always around 1000 rpm, and when i try to run a app (Internet exploer) it would go down to 0 rpm for 10 seconds and back to 1000rpm and repeat, it never went up to 2000rpm even playing games, it seems to me its either a bios problem or bad fan, not a power issue, i have updated to the newest bios, but still problem

any thoughts ???
Hey I have exactly the same problem. The first time i start the system, the fan is running at 900+rpm. Sometimes it will just stop, and the CoreCenter alarm will start bugging.

My spec
Antec 430W
P4 2.4C 200MHZ X 12
MSI 865PE Neo2 LS
PC3200 1X 512MB Winbond CH-5@400FSB
GF FX5800

I have the same problem on a MSI 865PE Neo2. The strange thing is I cannot disable the alarm in CoreCenter even if I lower the threshold to 0. The RPM reading is accurate as the fan stalls when it says 0.
Anyone thinking to address this with MSI tech support?
If you look in BIOS at the CPU fan is over 2000 rpm, so it must be the CoreCenter.

ok the best thing to do in this situation is to get rid of that shitty intel and get into the real gaming computers... AMD!!!!
lol as you can tell im a big fan of AMD ^^
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