Insurance sure is a scam!

Same thing as having a fire extinguisher. It's there when needed, like the gun and camera.
I have a fire extinguisher but I'm not really sure if I need it or not since our house has a built-in fire sprinkler system like many commercial buildings.
True. My checkup only cost round 65.00. Once every 2 years. Obamascam would cost me about 350 the month. Employer insurance is like 200 every month.

Do not need that expensive spending.

So looks like that all insurance is a scam.
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Wait until Trump gets done screwing things up, Trumpcare or whatever will probably cost 2X what Obamacare costs for less benefits. Employer insurance will go up as well.
Who cares all that is care about is not being manditory. Government should not make peeps have health insurance.
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