Insurance sure is a scam!


N. Calif.
The 1st week of Dec, some lady changed lanes without looking or signaling and hit our car which my wife was driving. The lady then drove off without stopping. My wife followed her to her place of employment where the lady jumped out of her car and immediately exclaimed that she didn't feel anything. If somebody followed me to my workplace, the first thing I'd ask them is "Why are you following me?" It's pretty darn obvious she already knew why my wife had followed her.

Anyway, her insurance just gave us a check for a little over $2K but first subtracted 10% saying they determined my wife was 10% at fault. My wife was driving along minding her own business, their insured changed lanes, hitting our car in the process and somehow my wife is 10% at fault!? What a crock of bull!

So now it will cost me around $200 out-of-pocket to fix our car because of a piss poor driver.
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Thats why i like Progressive. I have full coverage and no deductible. They fix me and take care of the "other" guy for me.I have had only one accident where they had to help me out and the service was really good. No, i am not a sales rep. Just saying. Before that i had GMAC and they helped me to! To bad GM had to go bankrupt and i forgot what chapter. Back in the late 80's i had a accident where the other guy was drunk and left the scene of the accident. I only had the other guy coverage. So i was on the side of the road without any help! I did manage to put it together enough to make the rest of the trip. What a headache!! After that i only have full-coverage. That way since. I have had a couple of other accidents and they helped me all the way. Can't say anything about other insurance companys. Its a pain to have to fight all that in court to get what you have coming. If you had a dash cam it might have helped. just idea...
The problem with having no deductible is that you pay MORE for your premiums. The insurance company gets their money either way!

If you're someone like me that very rarely is involved in an accident or other claim then you are better off with a deductible and hopefully will save enough over the years on your premiums to pay the deductible when needed.
I don't care about that but, ever have a 30 foot 5th wheel trailer behind your truck? If i am out there and have a breakdown or accident i want help not someone on the phone saying sorry, not covered. My coverage covers towing and if the trailer is damaged i get a motel room till i get it fixed or replaced. I get a rental car while truck is being repaired. Thats what ours covers. Kinda like "don't leave home without it". I know not everyone needs that kind of full-time coverage, but its pretty important to me.
WD - I have full coverage insurance as well but probably pay a lower premium for it than you do because I go with a $500 deductible. I'm sure you could get the same coverage you have right now for a lower premium, if you were willing to accept a $500 deductible. You have spoken in the past regarding how tight finances are for you, so it seems you would benefit from lower premiums.

Here's an explanation I gleaned from a financial website:

Won't this cost me more in the long run? Many people who consider this ask themselves whether such a move will cost them more in the long run. After all, if they're having to come up with a lot more money on each claim, are they really saving money overall?
The average homeowner makes an insurance claim once every nine years. If you raise your deductible on your homeowners' insurance by $1,000, you only need to save about $120 a year in your premiums in order to create a net savings on average – and, likely, you'll save a lot more than that.
Similar math exists for other types of insurance. The claims made are so infrequent that you only have to save a little bit on each insurance payment to make up for the additional cost on the deductible.
The key, though, is making sure you have the emergency savings to handle that higher deductible. If you don't have that, make it a priority before you consider making changes to your insurance policies.

Regardless of whether you have a deductible or not, the insurance company is going to make money from you as they know all the statistics (just like casinos) and set things up so that they are NEVER on the losing end.

BTW, to answer your question, not a 30ft 5th wheel but have had a 30ft Travel Trailer behind my truck for many miles.
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Yep, My trailer costs 30 bucks a month. Truck is 100 bucks a month. I think thats the lowest right now but i am always looking at other insurance company's. Am thinking about Good Sam Insurance right now. It maybe lower. Not sure right now. Yeah, i could drop the deductible down but With me being a fulltimer and travel its better to have it all covered. From what i remember it wouldn't save me all that much to drop the full coverage. With all the nuts around here because of the military base, it just isn't a good idea. So many people from different parts of the country here and they all seem to have different habits, I am better off with that too. There have been many hit and runs around here. That and theft. I think i am better off to leave it like it is.

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One other thing, I also have coverage for my storage shed and a fulltimers policy too. Thats kinda like a House policy. If someone breaks there leg or something on my space i am covered. With all i have don't think its all that bad.
Of course you need to decide what's best for yourself.

I have full coverage on my truck and trailer (full coverage means liability, comprehensive and collision). With a $500 deductible, I pay $64/month for my truck and $23/month for my trailer which works out to about $156/year LESS than what you pay. Assuming that insurance premiums are the same between Calif and TX (I'll bet premiums are higher in Calif as is most everything else), if I go 4 years without a claim, I'll be $124 ahead, each year with no claim after that adds $156. After 10 years with no claims I'd be $1500 ahead.
Do you full-time? or just use it for trips??

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Also, I am in Texas right now but am registered in Arizona. My mail forwarding address is in Florida. Confused??
Not full-time, just for trips. Doesn't matter for insurance purposes though. At least here in Calif, it's based on how many miles you drive per year.
Not in Arizona. You can drive 10 miles or 10000 miles all the same. Another thing i like about Arizona is you get a license that lasts from 21 to 65 years of age. About every 15 years or so they update the picture but thats all. If you don't use Phoenix or Tucson There is no emissions. you can get 1,2 or 5 year tags!! I love it when someone wants to see id and i break out my Az. license and the Florida address on it!! Makes heads turn a bit! Then if its the police and they bring it up on there computer that really turns there head! One of the fun things we have! Sometimes i love to screw with peoples heads!
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