Instillation Problem - Downloaded on External Drive First

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A few weeks ago I downloaded Open Office on my external hard drive so that everyone in my family could use it. Now I'm trying to download it on my computer so I don't have to use the external drive, and I'm getting an error because it automatically tries to install on the external hard drive, which isn't connected.
I deleted my downloads folder (there was another copy in there) and it got a step further but still tried to find the F:\ drive. Anyone know where to look for the files causing the error?
What browser are you using? Most browsers allow you to choose your download location in the options. with IE you should be able to choose where to download it when the screen pops up. Ie doesnt have the option to set the download it should ask every time.
I'm using Chrome, you can change the settings ahead of time. Why would that matter though? I've already deleted all of the files in my downloads folder, so I'm assuming it's finding the other files somewhere else. If I run a search on my computer for open office, it finds one file for each of the files that I put on my external drive. But when I try to open the file location, it gives me an error because the set location is on my F:\ port.
You said that it tries to download again to the external. Which tells me that the download settings are set to download there. So in order to correct that you need to change the settings where it downloads. That is what i understand is the problem from what your first post says.

Searching the PC isnt going to do you any good if you have to download the file again and it tries to store it on a drive that is no longer connected. The search results are coming up the way they are because the external drive was indexed and those results are still "cached" so to speak. The system remembers indexing the OpenOffice installer on the external drive. Just like your browser remembers your internet browser history. So when you search for it, it brings up the last place it remembers you were.

So you need to make sure that Chrome is set to download some place else, and then download the installer again. Then manually navigate to that area and run the installer.
Sorry, should have been more clear about that. I am downloading the installer from the internet - that downloads fine. When I run the installer, however, I tell it to install to the D:\ drive. That's where the error occurs.
I tried installing from Chrome to a different place and the same error occured.
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