Installing XP twice on 2 separate partitions?

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Is it possible to do this, I have removed a virus and now windows xp is rather damaged but can still log on, I'm trying to recover some files but the cd rom isn't recognized and I have no way of copying the files....If I create a new partition with a clean version of windows on it, can I access to old partition to copy the files to the new partition and further back them up onto CD , USB drive , etc... any help greatly appreciated....
i would rather try to fix the cdrom issue. what does device manager show for the cdrom drive? any clues in event viewer? delete & re-add driver?

alternatively, you could goto a working pc and copy the files then use to transfer to the broken pc.
You can boot up your machine with a Linux Live CD (like Ubuntu) and then copy the files you need into a USB key or in some place in the network (if it's available). Once the files has copied you can reinstall your OS again...
The driver is bad to the cd rom it has the yellow ! in device manager , I have no way adding the driver, the computer doesn't recognize any storage inputs usb cd rom, any other suggestions....wouldnt the linux way be more complicated than the partition method since i have no familiarity with linux or the cd.....
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