Installing WinXP on EMachine

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My Sister has a 400i3 EMachine. Can someone tell me how to load WinXP on it. Do we need a install disk ? Or can I just run WinXP on boot and it will take me into the install like on a regular machine? Please , any info would help.
Thanks for letting me know. I was afraid to do that incase it would mess everything up. I thought I would have to have a startup disc from EMachine. Gonna try it.
Something you may wish to try PRIOR to running the setup is the Microsoft XP Compatibility Utility,, this will give you a report of any hardware that is on the Hardware Compatibility List that may not work under XP,,

Being an eMachine, and knowing how some of the vendors work,, I would suggest that you do check to see that all is compatible,,

I would hate to blow away my PC, and then learn that things wont work,,

Good Luck!
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