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I install XP on a computer I build and was doing fine, but something happened and it locked up and get XP to install again. All other windows will install but XP will not. I have tried upgrading and installing on a blank hard drive. It installs ok I think but when it goes to boot up it freezes and won't boot up. What am I doing wrong? Please help!!!!! :confused:
Do you get anything else (e.g. a stop error)? Try taking out every interface card in the machine, except for the videocard, and try to see if it gets past that stage.
Check all your drive connections, if there's a loose connection it could hang your PC (talking from experience ;))
Also... make sure the surface of you XP install CD is not dirty/damaged... again.. from experiance.
I get no errors it just won't boot up it locks up in the middle of booting up. All the drives should have good connections because I can install win98 win98SE and ME just fine. I have tried two different XP disks and the samething happens on both. It has me puzzled.
What is your harddrive make >>
Please give me full system hardware configurations including what OS was installed before this problem and your BIOS vendore and version.

Also if you are using miscrosft's any optical mouse try removing it before installing Windows XP
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