Installing Windows XP on Vista (not dual booting)


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Hey guys I just want to ask if it is possible to install windows XP (because Vista is pissing me off) on a preinstalled Vista system? And how would you do it?

Would I have to reinstall all my drivers and stuff like that?
Also, is "genuine windows" depend solely on the product key or is the disk as well?


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Your best bet is to reformat and do a clean install of xp so you don't run into any errors. Yes you would have to install your drivers and whatnot again. It does take at least a couple of hours depending on the size of your hardrive and how much info you have on it, but it is best to play it safe and be error free.

Genuine windows does depend on the product key, but i don't see how you would install windows in the first place so both of them.
Well you would just have to do a full reformat and erase vista off your hard drive. Your title should read Installing windows XP over Vista not on Vista.

The only way I could see doing it on vista is if you have unpartioned space to allow a format on that partition but you don't want a dual boot so just do a clean reformat.

Make sure you download the correct XP drivers as well.


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use the xp cd to do a format then. if you have lots of data on there you could make a new partition, store only what you want to keep on this, then format the old partition with vista on it and install xp on there. then you can merge them together which would save you backing up the files externally.