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Okay, my dad was asking me for some help. Now, a few days ago, I got some online webgames for our communities website. Well, he wanted to show them to some guys at work (Lol, he probably wants to play them at work). The problem is, they require Shockwave to play them, which can't be installed through his account. I'm guessing the OS is XP (I think he told me it was XP).

The question is, can my dad install shockwave somehow. I know he doesn't want to do something illegal like find the admin's password and get in and install shockwave and log out. Is there any other way he could do this?


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How permissions affect installing the Shockwave Player with Windows 2000 and XP

If you don't have administrator access to your Windows NT, 2000, or XP-equipped computer, you may not be able to install the Shockwave Player successfully. Permissions can be tricky, but, in general, you should be able to install and use the Shockwave player if your administrator gives you full access to the Macromedia directory: C:Winnt\System32\Macromedia\ for Win 2000 and NT, and C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed for XP.

If this does not allow you to install and access the Shockwave and Flash Players, your administrator may need to experiment with varying levels of restriction to determine what works. Shockwave 10 is not compatible nor supported with Windows NT.

We are unable to tell you how to gain administrative rights, due to forum rules.