Installing no name USB Bluetooth Dongle


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Hi guys, got a little question.
I'm having a little trouble getting a USB Bluetooth Dongle that I bought off eBay to work with my PC. It came with no installation CD and doesn't have a brand name so I don't really know where to start to acquire it's drivers.

I did a little search on google to see what I could find and in the end I installed this software called WIDCOMM Bluetooth Software. After installing it says my bluetooth device was not found.

So yeah basically, what do I need to do to get this working? I can sense that it's something really easy, I'm just failing.

Oh and btw, the PC recognizes the device and the little red LED light on it lights up when it's in my PC, so it's not broken.


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Program recognizes every bluetooth dongle, its basically a driver for your usb bluetooth. it takes alittle awhile to learn how to use the software though