Installing a CD-Writer!!!

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Hi, everyone.

I am a Windows XP user, and I am having a problem installing a CD-Writer to my laptop.This CD-Writer is an external one, the HP7200e.The thing is I did the installation, but there were some compatability problems, so I download the right things to install, from HP, to make it compatible with my XP system.

The problem is, right from the first installation, what happens is when I have the CD-Writer plugged to the laptop, it does not start, it goes on and on again through the same screens (the one telling you WindowsXP, and so on, and when it gets to the "welcome" page, ths screen shows, for a second, a screen with some apparent errors, and it loops again). So the only way is to have the thing disconnected, and then it starts, and says: "windows has recovered from some fatal errors", and it tells me that some of the controllers for my device are not compatible, or something, and it makes windows unstable. I do not have a clue of what a controller is, or how to access it, or how to change it, or eliminate it from my system.

How could I get some compatible controllers???

I tried to plug the hardware once XP has started, and install the software, and it recognises it, but I have to do it everytime, and then it tells me to restart, but if I restart, well, same thing again, if the thing is plugged.

How can I sort this problem out??

Please, if you have some clue about that, please help me, I am getting desperate about the whole thing.

Thsnka for standing such a long message, and thanks for your help.
You may need to download a Bios Update from the computer manufacturers website. Many times if the Bios on the computer is stock, the compatability of the USB controllers on the board are limited. Check HP's website and see if there is a new version of your Bios.
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