installed wireless network and having problems

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I got a wireless linksys broadband b router and 2 wireless linksys b NICs. I put both NICs in and installed the software drivers and stuff for them. I put the router disc in and attempt to configure the router. The Wireless B LED on the router will come on for a little bit thus allowing me Internet acces, etc. but then it will shut off and the Internet, etc. is disabled. After that it says "aquiring network address" down in the system tray. It finally says "limited or no connectivity." If I pull the DC cord out of the router then plug the power right back in the Wireless B LED will come on again but later turns off. The disc told me to change my LAN TCP/IP properties so it automatically aquires an IP address. So now I have changed it to DHCP but I still can't get it to work.

The first day I got the router, etc. I installed everything and both of my computers had Internet access. The next day everything just stopped working.

If anyone has any information on what to do I would surely appreciate it. Thanks!

*NOTE: The computer in my signature is not the computer I'm networking.
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