Installed new video card, trouble playing videos

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Dell 2400, XP, 512 + 128 RAM. Uhh just replaced my GeForce 4 MMX440 PCI 64 MB DRR with a 3D Fuzion GeForce 6200 128 MB DRR PCI card. (Note I only have PCI slots)

Ok, so I installed the 3dfuzion card, everything works nice. I can play my games and the such. But problem is I have trouble playing videos. I play any video fine on my last vid card. I have all codecs and tons of video players like VLC, winamp, media player classic, realplayer and etc...

My video player screen will just be all black and you can hear audio but no video. PC will freeze a bit here too. Tried on many diff video players and all same result.

Help please :)


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Have you downloaded the latest Nvidia driver (91.31)
Also when you installed the new card did you make sure that you uninstalled ALL of the previous driver, even if it was a Nvidia card.
What I would do is this
a)goto Nvidia website and DL the latest driver
b)DL driver cleaner pro -
c)start/control panel/add and remove programs/remove Nvidia driver
d)install Driver Cleaner Pro and select Nvidia from the cleaning selection box, click on start and then close when it's finished (this just removes any traces of the old driver)
e)restart machine
f)once it's restarted install the latest driver you DL from Nvidia
Hopefully after all of this it should be working.
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