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I am currently running Windows 2000. Everytime I load a program such as Internet express, I get the message, 'Preparing to Install'. If I try to load new software, it aborts telling me that a previous install has not yet finished. There's obviously a flag set somewhere, has anyone got any ideas on how I can rectify this problem please?
tried reinstalling the last piece of software. Installed ok, however still getting the 'Preparing to Install message'???
Windows 2000 is a business oriented multiple user based platform. What the boils down to is that it is not a simple operating system to manage properly.

Doing installs in the following way will help alleviate any problems you may be having.


uninstall the program, but do so from the user profile that installed it. ie., if the user profile "workstation" installed it, log in as that user and do the uninstall through the program group or the control panel.

log off

log in as the administrator

start > settings > control panel > add/remove programs

on the left hand side, click add new programs. follow the on screen prompts from there.

finally, bring up windows explorer (winkey + e). navigate to
c:\documents and settings\all users\
highlight the folder "start menu" and copy it

from c:\documents and settings\ open up each user profile folder and copy the start menu of the "all users" profile into each, overwriting all files.

when done, go back to c:\documents and settings\all users\ and delete the start menu. it won't let you delete everything, but delete all that you can.

now I'll go over some key explanations of what the win2k user groups are so that you can manipulate them better.

The all users profile uses the information in it on all users, as the name would suggest. Therefore, if you have program A in the start menu of both All Users and the Administrator, the Administrator technically has two entries for Program just don't see them. To show this in action, create the above example and delete the program group from your start menu in the Administrator account (while logged in as Administrator and from the start menu). The group is still there, and while you can delete it, the second time you do so it is being deleted from the All Users profile (and it will prompt you saying so).

The defualt user profile really does nothing. But if you copy your start menu into it from the all users account, you can use that start menu for any new users you have on that system. Simple! Keep that account start menu updated and you'll be good to go.

Hope that helps solve your problem!
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