Insane Air Cooling Case Mod Attempt

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Ok. I apologize if this is in the wrong forum. But this should be informative. Currently I am running AMD 2400+ XP on an MSI KT6V motherboard with VIA KT600 all I have as far as fans two stacked 80mm fans on the side as exhaust..and one rear fan as intake. Power supply only has one exhaust fan. Stock heatsink and fan (fan is about 60mm I believe) and generic thermal compound. Now. I've purchase about $130+ worth of stuff for cooling basically and this is just for an insane all out air cooling fun case modding project. Currently I'm getting like 55C-59C celcius temps idle depending on how hot it is in the room, time of day etc...point is..TOO DAMN HOT.

I will be using a 560w Thermaltake PurePower PSU to accompany my power issues.
In the future I hope to get a 35w 2400+ XP-M to overclock, but lets just see how cool this 2400+ XP Will get. I have purchased the SLK-900A heatsink which will upon arrival get a thorough lapping with up to 2000 grit sandpaper for that mirror finish. On top of that I will put the Coolermaster Jet7 Blower on the SLK-900A heatsink. I will have my 80mm Vantec 84CFM Tornado blowing in the rear as intake straight into the blower on the CPU. I will remain to keep my two stacked 80mm fans on the side as exhaust. I will also be adding a 120mm 84CFM exhaust fan as a blowhole on top of my CPU. I will then add two 80mm fans in the front as intake and I'm going to drill a nice hole pattern on the front plastic of my case to get better flow for those front fans. I have purchase a 3rd fan that will go on the side bottom, right where the HD's are and also be blowing intake on the side right where the 2 front intakes will be. I will be replacing my NB with a new heatsink and fan NB set and then this is where it gets Interesting.

I'm not 100% sure how successfull I'll be on this. But this is the whole point of modding. With the NB heatsink and fan comes a 27x27mm SB heatsink....I will cut out the metal backing behind the motherboard to expose the area behind the CPU socket. I will then attach this SB heatsink to the back of the CPU socket using thermal tape. I will then cut out an 80mm opening on the side of the case that now has the exposed backside of the motherboard and heatsink. There I will be placing a coolermaster Aero 7 style centrifugal blower as an intake to blow right on the back of the motherboard processor socket.

It'll take about a day to chop out all the holes and the pieces and I've got a Sunbeam Rheobus Fan Controller on its way to controll all these beasts, because all of them at full speed I would not be able to handle. So all in all I'd better get a damn good decrease in temperature, but if nothing I'll have a stylish case that looks like no one elses =) The main purpose of course is an interesting approach at weird mods although I'm not claiming to be insanely original. But I haven't seen to many cases with blower fans going to the back of the motherboard and socket area ;)

I will attempt to STEAL my friends digital camera so that we can take plenty of pictures and record the progress. I hope to hear some support from some people otherwise it really won't be anypoint to posting it on here. I'd hope maybe someone might be interested in this monstrosity =) Should be something like this in total:

1 - top - 120mm - Exhaust -3 pin
1 - Rear - Tornado 80mm - Intake 4-pin
1 - CPU Blower - 4 pin
2 - 80mm - front - intake - 3 pin - 3pin y-splitter
1 - HD Lower side Case mod 80mm side intake - 3pin - y-splitter
2 - stacked 80mm - side - exhaust - fuxored 2-pin & 4pin.
1 - Case Mode Behind CPU Blower - 4-pin
(2-power supply fans)
1-possible new NB fan/heatsink

Total: 12

Plus I got copper RAM heat spreaders. Will take about 3 weeks before I get all the stuff actually assembled cause I just recently got the order placed for the parts. So this wont be the last you've heard of nubius! My friend Stanky Danky...will be assisting in this case mod may see his ugly hands a couple of times...

Peace out
I know I gotta wait until I can steal the camera from my friends mom! =P But yes we will try to get as many pictures as possible!
I was wondering if anyone has seen a case with a cone like structure coming off from the side fan that makes it blow right on to your cpu. Realy quite ingenious. But anywho i have a 120mm fan in the front of my case and i have one side fan and 2 exhaust fans and i still run really hot like around ummmmmm 55 to 58C. Its just that Xp cpus run really hot and im sure your set up you are going to use will only drop the temp about 2 to 3C but thats just my estemite. I really shouldnt be estimating considering i only read the first paragrah of your post :D
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