Info on the 8600 and 8300


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Yeah same I'll get the 8600U in a little bit because I want DX10 but I don't want to blow 400-500 bucks on the GTS.


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superman22x said:
Hey, thought I'd post my findings on the 8600 and 8300. I know Im getting one, are you?
How do you think the 8600U will compare to a 7900gt?

I will get the 8600Ultra, unless something between it and the toned down 8800gts is released.
Wow, nVidia is looking really good right now. If only we could find some more information about the R600... I can't find much, anyways. And the 8600 Ultra is going to smoke the 7900GT if those specifications are correct. It has nearly 3x the pixel shaders and a slightly higher core and memory clock to top that. And for such a low price. I just may have to get it myself. Thanks for sharing that info.

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esa193 said:
by then i bet the 8800 will be about 250
Ha, I wish, but there's no way. The articles say these are coming out as soon as March, and sorry, but the price isn't going to drop $350 in a few months.


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idk... as much as i'd like that lower price, i've fallen in love with my performance of my 8800. However, for people who can't afford the 88's the 86's will be a great alternative.


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Well they did say that they are making an 8800GTS with lower specs. Less RAM, and that is supposed to be $299. That is too much, but I would like something in between that and the 8600U. But the 8600U looks pretty good, and not to bad a price.