increase speed of router??


Daemon Poster
ok heres my problem,

i got two computers linked up with wireless network, one computer is connected to the TV for watching movies, the other computer is for doing everything else (internet, downloading, etc.)

i shared the folders that contains movies so i can easily select the ones from the tv computer.

lets say if i want to play a game like warcraft, the movie on the other computer would sometimes lag.

im using real player v.10 on the tv computer

router information:

D-LInk 802.11b wireless router DI-514

PCI adapter (on tv computer)

D-Link 802.11b wireless dwl-520 pci adapter
the tv computer is installed with windows xp professional
the regualr computer is installed with windows xp home

if there are tricks that i can do please tell me :)
by the way if u kno wut a SC_keylogg is, please tell me, it comes up on every start up and its annoying.