Incorrect HD size in XP

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Hi,i recently had a problem with a 40gig drive,to cut a long story short,I ended up formatting through fdisk.Checked it for errors etc,and everything is fine.Only problem I now have is that Xp is reporting that the drive is only 30gig instead of 40!
Who`s nicked me 10gig???????

Any easy solutions to fixing???

fdisk.. When you ran it through Fdisk did you tell it to take 100% of the Hard drive up for the C: partition?
if not well theres your prob.
I always keep a second HDD :D
Most likely you received an FAT16 partition... you will need to partition the drive again to receive a valid FAT32 partition to use as much of the space as possible, or convert to NTFS.
Moonstorm, what type of HD is it? Is it new? Or is it an old klanker (1yr plus)..

this is what you need to do...

1) fdisk everything out. Go from option#4(5) to option#1 (rebooting EACH TIME you take out every partition (this is incredibly important [even though others may say its not]). Chances are, this is where your problem is.

2) REBOOT again (why not.. do it anyway)

3) Insert your XP disk into the drive for bootup. XP will recognize the drive and allow you to partition (please partition in NTFS if possible) AND format this. DO NOT SELECT FAST FORMAT! Grab a some teas and allow XP to do this (may take 10-20min). XP knows how to configure this.

4) Proceed with XP install

5) Configure TCP and come back to these forums and let me know. :) This ALWAYS gets the bugs out for me.

Please let us know!
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