Incorrect Function Trying To Initialize Drive


Beta member

As of last night my 2TB External HDD is no longer being recogized by windows, the wife accidentally disconnected the USB cable while data was being transfered to it from a laptop. Since then, it doesn't show up on the My Computer screen. It shows up in Device Manager simply as WD, I uninstalled it from there and installed it again, have rebooted several times and have powered the HDD down and back up again numerous times as well. When looking at it through Computer Management, it is listed as unknown and not initialized, I know it's that one because in the properties it is listed as WD and the only other two hard drives are the laptop's internals and those are listed and working fine. When I right click the WD drive (which has no assigned drive letter anywhere I am able to see it) and select "initialize" I just get the incorrect function error message.

Anything I can do without reformatting it? How can I get it to show back again under My Computer and have it be recognized? Every time I plug and unplug it, the notification sound is made, but nothing else.