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Help....end of the road...surely the only way is up..?? Just bought a new Asus motherboard(A7N266-VM) with Athlon XP1900 & 256 DDR. Put in my old 30gig Maxtor HDD & Gforce 2 Ti. Have Windows XP pro. First problem - wouldn't boot past the Window XP logon screen, just switched itself off. No matter what i did. Someone mentioned a clean install - tried it but always got a fatl error screen. Tried disabling the Bios cache but windows always froze on the setup screen(i.e the one where it has the time to go on the left hand side..)Took an absolute age to get there also it was loading real slow. Don't know what to try next......Are there any Bios changes i need to do..?? Is the HDD incompatable..?? It worked no problem on my other mboard(running WinXp, Athlon 750) If anyone could help i would appreciate it..
if you hit the F8 button and tried to go in under safe mode, were you able to get thru? Of course i would then make sure that you had a bare minumum of components installed, ie pull your sound card, modem, networking etc. And try setup defaults in the bios
were you using the same memory on the other setup?
I now only have the one problem - whenever i boot the machine the fan starts & thats it...nothing more. If i remove the ribbon from the HDD but keep the power on then it sounds as if its going to start up then nothing too. I havr changed the jumpers on the mboard but to no avail....One word..............HELP.................
Unfortunatly, the troublshooting in this is slow and painful, you have to remove hardware and try booting, but you need toi remove them one by one to see which piece is the problem.

I would suggest borrowing a different hard drive as well. then remove everything but the stuff neccesary to boot, HDD, CPU, RAM, Video Card.
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