Inability to access certain websites

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I have 2 desktop computers (win xp on both) and my laptop (win xp as well) in which I travel with alot. I have been having this problem with accessing some websites from my 2 desktop pc's, but not from my laptop. This has helped me to rule out the likelihood of the problem being related to my service provider (MediaCom)

This problem has been around for about 2 months and I'm just now doing something about it. Here is a list of the websites that I know of that I cannot visit: (bummer) (or any blogs) nor

The pages do not load, however it is clear the HTML of that page is at least starting to be read because the title displays at the top of IE or Firefox (whichever Im using at the time)

Luckily, I have noticed one thing that all of the above sites have in common and believe it is the problem: when loading any of the above pages in Mozilla Firefox, in the bottom of the browser is states "waiting for"

These 2 computers seem unable to bring up any website using Google Analytics and this only started happening 2 months ago and I cannot think of anything I might have done to cause this.

Any ideas on how to get rid of this problem? (I have already completely disabled all antiviruses and firewalls)

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Try burning a linux LiveCD, boot off of it, and try accessing the pages from there to make sure it is not a hardware problem.