In Supreme Commander can you move the command window?

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When you play the tutorial map the command window (the one that shows units selected, build orders, move commands) is on the left side of the screen. But in gameplay that window is on the buttom. I think I would prefer to have it on a side but I can't find a option to do that.

Is there a way to move the command window to the side?

EDIT: never mind, got the answer. Its "ALT + (up or down arrows)."
You got the expansion pack, Forged Alliance? It's really great, fixes a lot of little bugs and balance issues, and the new race is great.

If you like SupCom because it required a tad more brain power then the smaller scale RTS like C&C and because of the vast size of the map/units involved. You might not want to bother with SupCom 2, I feel like I'm playing command and conquer red alert 4 or something.
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