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Hello Everyone,
I'm facing a problem since last night, actually I want to import data from different file format such as txt, csv, xls etc. So I want to know whether any option in SQL Server to resolve this poblem. Please give me an appropriate answer.

Thanks in advance!!


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I will not open a new "same" thread .. I have the same question ..

I've tried to import an xls file to the database using phpmyadmin and the result is FAIL
I saved the file as CSV .. also FAIL
I saved the file as XML , TXT ..... to the end of the list in Save as dialog and ALL FAILED

The file is 22 column and 7500 rows , 1 data sheet ..

However I came to an idea while writing this post .. I can save the file as Tab delimited txt file and use explode() to create an array .. and then walk it in some function .. I'll give it a try !

Anyway .. Does any one have some PHP code that imports xls or any type from the SAVE AS types in Excel 2003 ?
I guess importing xls file directly is some how difficult in PHP it self (without pearl help) becuase the xls (2003) is a binary file ?

Thank in advance too .. :)
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