Impact of Dust Bunnies on Cooling

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Hi. How often should you clean the dust from your intake fans? And how much will that dust affect the cooling of your PC if you don't clean it periodically?

I'm thinking that my exhaust fan, which is a 120mm S-Flex, should be creating a fair amount of negative force to draw in air through the intake vent, with or without the front fans. Isn't that right?

I put a filter over the vent and my temps rose by 2C-4C. That's not too much, so I was thinking about making it a permanent solution. Any thoughts?


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as far as the cleaning of the fans themselves, I do mine every month or more... kinda of as needed type of deal. if you don't mind buying air-in-a-bottle, you shouldn't need filters. imo, filters are the lazy way out, and just restrict airflow. think of this. how often do you currently clean your fans? will it be the same if you have a filter? also, yes, that will be enough to draw air through the front intake, but I would recommend another exhause and an intake fan... again, just personal preference
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