I'm so smart. ^.^


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Ok, so I thought I'd tell ya guys that, I'm smart. :D

So, here is what I was faced with, I had dial up and AOL, TOTAL CRAP!

Well, I have webrestrictions on top of that, cause my mother thought that I was looking at porn at my friends house, and I wasn't!

So I got those, and, AOL figured out that people are using IE when they have webrestrictions, so they blocked it so you can't use anything, IE, AIM, MSN, NOTHING!

Well, I figured out my mothers password, so now I can use IE, and MSN and all that happy crap.

Well, what was bothering me with this, is that I couldn't talk to my friends, so I got the smart idea to download AIM, and this is why I am smart.

Cause I can surf the web restriction free, AND TALK TO MY FRIENDS!!!

If only I was this smart all the time. :p


So, your "So smart" because you guessed your mother's password? Jeez, I wish I was as smart as you! Just kidding :p.


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Yeah, it's not that big of an accomplishment, it's just that those things have plauged me for, about a year...

So I'm glad to have them gone!

... well ... found away around them.

Oh well.

And my moms password wasn't that hard, so it's not really a big accomplishment...

Oh well. :D still fun!


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~~~NETUSER~~~ said:
im admin on my pc so i know all of m mums passwords in fact i taught her how to use it lol
lol, ya same here! somtimes I wonder how my mom manages to use a computer at all when I'm not there!


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my parents are totally clueless about computers without me... if they ever try to restrict my internet access with a password i got a keylogger hehe