I'm Selling my Computer....eBay...look here


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actually your wrong...mine came with the PSU and i requested different colored lights, the HDD light to be rewired, the front panel bay to be different and with other controls. plus i asked for a Sword rather than a stupid fúcking alien emblem. a different fan grill. a different colored


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Haha, thats a logisys dracula, anyone can buy those, thats a load of BS, supercomputer lol! . my sempron 2400 runnin at 2.0ghz could probably beat that lol (Joking) BTW dont lie to people your selling things to, like that case 4 example, 80 bucks off newegg woopdeedoo, and it's not very hard to change the case leds and fan grill, to say it's special made 4 u. You came to the wrong place to sell a gaming rig like that m8. ( I could get that same PC for cheaper, your asking a bit much 4 that:p)


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Yes. I only say soemthing when people are lying. You never sta5ted it was OC'ed, you said it was up froma 3 GHz and i thought that meant you upgraded it. That gfx wont play all the games and it didnt cost you 2000 unless your labor was 200/hr. My sig cost 1800 so i know your lying about that.