I'm having trouble with a net stalker

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I am having trouble with a guy who is stalking my daughter on the net. She was raped and beaten and this guy is going all over the net publishing her name and making fun of her. She was 10 years old at the time. I have his IP address, it's, how do I begin to trace it down? Can anyone tell me how to go about it.

PS. This guy had nothing to do with the attack, he's just getting off making fun of her.
MicroBell, I did two seperate traces, the IP comes back to Indianapolis, IN.

Info is Charter Com.
alibibassman, if you have a legit complaint AND proof, call the Charter Abuse Line @ 1-314-965-0555 or email them at abuse@charter.com.
Have you made copies of what he's putting out there?? That can include screen captures and loggers. I made screen captures, logged chats/ chat rooms in yahoo and saved text files of pm's and chat rooms in MSN when my ex was harrassing and threatening me on the net. I also saved copies of his profiles. He kept changing them. Save any e-mails you may have from him as well, make copies of everything. I nailed the jerk with a protection order just before christmas. If you have any questions on how to go about doing those things, let me know. Also, any evidence you have, keep your originals, make copies.

What the a$$hole is doing is not only immoral, it's illegal and he can be stopped.
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