I'm finished with Mac after the G5 stunt


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To other Mac users:

I consider myself an intelligent man. My decisions in life, I believe, have been based on logical desires to better myself, and the others around me. Four years ago when I started my associates degree in Web Design, after a great deal of research, I decided the best computer for my chosen career would be a Macintosh. The sleek appearance and slightly higher price were a sign of higher quality, I believed. The inability to upgrade the unit was product confidence in action. Now, after hearing about the excessive reaction to a clearly fake gutting of a G5, I have realised that I have deluded myself over these past four years, and I have paid dearly to associate myself with raging idiots.

This is why, a few days ago, I sold my G5 and used the funds to purchase a Dell computer with a 17" LCD and a combo fax/scanner/printer, and I still had enough money left over to buy a Nomad Zen. Mac users, listen to me! After only three days of using the PC, I have come to realize that the difference between the two is outrageous. The Macintosh claims to possess a user friendly interface, but the PC's taskbar easily defeats the Macintosh apple menu. The Macintosh fans claim it is more ergonomic, but the Dell came with an optical mouse with multiple buttons and a scroll wheel that feels much more natural in my hand. The Dell's keyboard is larger and easier to use, while the Macintosh keyboard simply felt cheap. What's more, the Start Menu on Windows XP Home is far more functional and infinitely more intuitive than the Apple Menu ever was.

Some of you may scoff at this next bit, but I also believe the Dell defeats the Macintosh in pure visual appearance as well. While the Mac is a simple grey and white with brushed aluminum highlights, the Dell is a sleek black monster, at once both professional and intimidating. It means business. It does not look like a kitchen appliance or something that should come with multiple blending attachments. (G3 fans, are you reading this?)

I have yet to see the advantage of paying a premium price for limited game variety. When I first got into the Macintosh world, I was assured that this was because of the focus on Quantity, not Quality, but I can't justify such a ridiculous decision anymore. The best programs for the Mac exist on the PC in equal or greater form. The best office software for the Mac is made by Microsoft, and even the most die-hard Mac fans know this deep in their hearts. Using most Apple software is an exercise in frustration. In fact, software in general is far more abundant for the PC, which most Mac users will declare unimportant with an effete flip of their metrosexual wrists.

Where I once shopped for software online, or browsed the single-sided aisle at CompUSA looking for new games or interesting utilities, now I have the full gamut of the aisle for software at any conceivable location. Best Buy, Circuit City, CompUSA, even GameStop has software for my computer now. I recently purchased Splinter Cell, Battlefield 1942, and 75,000 clip-art images in one day, without waiting for mail order shipments or digging through a pile. Those who wish to continue punishing themselves looking through the Mac aisle, I feel for you. Someday, you should join me on my side of the aisle, where the REAL software is.

This brings me to another point that I will just touch upon, since it's so obvious it shouldn't be labored upon. I was once so silly, so innocently snobbish, to believe that the Mac has a better video resolution than a PC. This false conclusion is brought about partly by Mac users nudging PC users with comments like "look at how nice our cursor looks like on the screen," while the PC user is busy loading various programs to get some work or play done because they have things they can use. And really, how many times can you play that stupid apple puzzle game? Minesweeper is far superior, and not merely a re-creation of a $1 plastic toy.

However, I used to believe in the Mac line until recently. I had yet to see how stupid a Mac user has to be to not only believe that someone would gut a G5 and replace the parts with PC compatible products, but they also sent thousands of death threats as well. I cannot associate myself with selective retards and flaccid nazis anymore. I cannot go to anymore Mac conventions where the main topics are "Marathon" (a game from 10 years ago) and "I touched Steve Jobs once". I cannot play catch-up with anyone else in the business world and my computer tech classes, where if I had a PC I could have graduated and moved onto other things by now. I have always been different than the typical Mac user, and now I have changed sides.

Thank you Mac users who have shown me how stupid someone has to be to use and support Macintosh, and how I cannot be as intellectually vapid as you are while keeping my dignity.

I don't expect you to change. Far from it. I expect you to dismiss this as another "drone" lost in the "sea of monotony" of the PC World. That's your perogative, of course. But while you're busy waiting for the next Apple benchmark to come out showing how a 1 Ghz processor somehow defeats a 3.2 Ghz processor in an obscure office application nobody uses, I'll be changing out a Video card or maybe upgrading my Sound card. Maybe I'll remove the motherboard entirely and replace it with one that has Serial ATA RAID? Ooh, or I could easily install a variety of Operating Systems and multi-boot them with a system commander application. Maybe I'll partition my hard drive and load different flavors of Linux and Windows and even a REAL Unix variant on each one? Who knows. The world is full of possibilities.

Except, of course, for the Mac user.

Enjoy your overpriced chic modern 'functional' art, friends. I'll be using a real computer, I'm done with the toys.

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Hallilulia Praise the Lord!

What a speach! It took me 2 minutes - but it was worth every bloody second! Wow!

I hope you, TacoCriminal keep posting on here - I like you! Fabulous; I also believe this - although I have not been given the experience of actually having to pay the price of it. I have seen the inside of those bastards - when will Mac-Freaks learn (Mac-Freaks being totally useable by anybody who wishes it! Its a nice generalisation, along with Linux-Folk).


wow. dude you are a great writer. you should write books. i totally agree about the uselessness of the mac. has anyone else realized the mac mini is a total piece of shit? its a box with a slot. mac will die out soon if the retarded schools stop buying them because theyre cheap. then again you get what you pay for. thats why mac wanted to switch to intel. they cant take care of themselves anymore so they have to have someone to run to. boo hoo mommy nobody likes me! o yea and welcome back lord k. you were gone 4 a while


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Hey Macs are not completly useless.... They make very nice paper weights. Thats the only good I can see them for.